Calls for an African-Palestinian Summit

Al-Quds International Institution (QII) launched calls for holding an African-Palestinian Summit, days after the Africa-Israel summit was called off.

QII said the fact that the Africa-Israel Summit, which was slated to be hosted by Togo at the end of October, was cancelled is a confirmation of Africa’s pro-Palestine stance.

It is just a normal fact of history that free peoples who have resisted colonisation in Africa keep their doors closed before imperialistic projects

QII’s Director-General, Yassin Hamoud, said.

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Hamoud hailed the national and international NGOs who have highlighted the Israeli crimes against the Palestinians and made every possible effort to cancel the Africa-Israel Summit.

He also warned of Israeli attempts to pressure African leaders to revive the summit, urging international and African NGOs to remain on guard to such anti-Palestinian initiatives.

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